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Metal Processing Oils

OPORTET® - Multi

DrillingMillingLathingThread-cuttingBending, profilingPunchingDrawing
Metalworking oil on a top-quality refined mineral oil base. Universal uses in all material removing and non-cutting processing of iron, steel and aluminium alloy. Characterised by excellent flushing properties, long service life and outstanding residue characteristics.


SawingGrindingBending, profilingPunchingLapping
Mineral oil product with a high boiling point on a paraffin base specially formulated for lighter grinding and cutting of precious stones, glass, non-ferrous metal and alloys.


DrillingSawingGrindingBending, profilingPunchingLappingElectric discharge machining
Highly refined thin mineral oil product without any aromatic ingredients, water white and odourless. OPORTET® - PLD is intended for use in drilling, cutting, grinding and lapping precious stones and glass. It can also be used as an insulator.  Good skin tolerance, outstanding cooling properties, excellent flushing characteristics, good settling properties and a high flash point offer users many benefits.

OPORTET® - K10/49

Wholly volatile punching aid on a hydrocarbon base for light punching of steel, non-ferrous metal and alloys.

OPORTET® - K10/1

Bending, profilingPunching
Virtually wholly volatile punching aid on a hydrocarbon base with very good lubricating and friction characteristics for light to medium punching and profiling processes involving steel, non-ferrous metal and alloys.

OPORTET® - K10/60

Bending, profilingPunching
Punching aid of especially high quality mild solvents with good lubrication and friction characteristics.  Same range of uses as OPORTET® - K10/1.

OPORTET® - K20/18

Thread-cuttingBending, profilingPunchingDrawing
For use in very heavy punching processes. Suitable for use in heavy-duty processes and as an additive to increase the pressure absorption characteristics of metalworking oils.

OPORTET® - 95/32

SawingThread-cuttingBending, profilingPunchingDrawing
Very thick metalworking oil for punching and drawing processes and for slow heavy duty material removing and cutting of high alloy steel and aluminium. Also suitable for use as a minimum quantity lubricant.


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