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Fully Synthetic Concentrates


Fully synthetic concentrate. Universal uses in concentrations of from 3 to 10% for general material removal processing of steel, castings and aluminium alloys. OPORTET® - IPN solutions are clear. Oil leaks are not emulsified. Available as OPORTET® - IPN7 for processing non-ferrous metal.


DrillingSawingMillingLathingBending, profilingPunching
Preservative free, fully synthetic concentrate to TRGS 611 standards. The high lubricating properties of this product make it ideal for all sawing work even in machinery employing very high speeds and with long movement distances.  OPORTET® - TS solutions are clear in concentrations from 5 to 10% and suitable for circulatory and sprinkler cooling systems.  Available as OPORTET® - TS7 for processing non-ferrous metal.


DrillingSawingMillingLathingThread-cuttingBending, profilingPunchingDrawing
Preservative free, fully synthetic concentrate to TRGS 611 standards.  OPORTET® - A1 has universal uses in heavy duty machining of iron, steel, non-ferrous metal and alloys and is especially useful in all sawing processes. It has excellent lubrication properties, can be diluted virtually as desired and has a long service life as a working solution and in tools.


Fully synthetic boron and bactericidal free concentrate for easy machining, especially for grinding of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals. The crystal clear solutions are extremely low foaming and pH-stable.

OPORTET® - 492

Fully synthetic grinding water additive for metalworking, particularly for grinding tools of hard metal (e.g. tungsten carbide). This product has very good foam and residue characteristics.  Cobalt inhibition is ensured if the use concentration range of 3 to 5% is adhered to.

OPORTET® - 10/96

Grinding concentrate for use in all grinding operations involving iron, glass and non-ferrous metal.  OPORTET® - 10/96 yields clear solutions with very little foam regardless of water hardness. These solutions are very biostable and have good corrosion protection properties.  Use concentration range is usually from 3 to 5%.


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