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Operating and Auxiliary Media

OPORTET® - anti foaming agent

Watery anti foaming emulsion on a polydimethylsiloxane base.  Effectively cuts foaming of cooling lubricant emulsions in machinery using high pressure and/or turbulence.

OPORTET® - anti foaming agent 155

Highly effective anti foaming agent that cuts foaming in cooling lubricant emulsions. Very small amounts have the desired effect.

OPORTET® - system cleaner

Combination of emulsifiers and preservatives. Effectively cuts bacteria and fungi in machine tools, piping and coolant tanks.  OPORTET® - system cleaner is added in concentrations of from 0.5 to 2% to emulsion that has become unusable and disposed of after 8 to 24 hours together with that emulsion.

OPORTET® - metal cleaner MR 60

Nearly odourless metal cleaner on an isoparaffin base with a flash point of 58 °C (AIII). Can be used for all degreasing and cleaning purposes. Especially suitable where physiologically unsafe solvents or those with a low flash point cannot be employed.  Can be used in washing, immersion and flooding processes.


Universal metalworking product with little odour on a hydrocarbon base with a flash point > 100 °C. Can be used in punching and as a light duty minimum quantity lubricant as well as as a separating agent in chip presses. Useful as an EDM oil too.

OPORTET® - bed track oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil

Available in various viscosities and container sizes.


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